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Federal & State Tax Law Issues


Our firm deals with both federal and state tax law issues encompassing individual tax planning, retirement planning, deferred compensation plans, tax planning for businesses, including choice of business entities for tax purposes, tax reorganizations, discharge and release of tax liens, offering compromises, installment agreements and, employment tax issues to name a few.

Business Formation & Development


We advise and assist our clients on business formation issues from incorporation to partnership formation for not only liability protection but for tax minimization purposes as well.. Our business development includes compensation planning, asset and debt planning issues and succession planning.

Contract Formation & Development


We assist our clients in drafting and reviewing contracts at all levels. Our contract formation work includes drafting, reviewing and, advising our clients on employment agreements, compensation agreements, stock option plans, equity infusion, lending agreements, investor agreements, trade secret agreements, noncompete and nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements to name a few.

Buy Sell Agreements


Our firm is often asked to assist clients with respect to asset and stock sales of businesses. In addition, we often provide consultation of businesses on agreements between shareholders, partners, members on sale or exchanges of ownership interests in businesses.

Estate Planning


Often our work in the estate planning area stems from other areas of our practice that we’ve a sister clients on. In the area of estate planning we assist in drafting, assessing and reviewing wills, financial power of attorney’s, medical power of attorney, advance directives, development and review of trusts, and asset protection issues. Our work in the state planning area ranges from simple to complex. Internal




We assist our clients in developing and reviewing contracts associated with real estate transactions, including like kind exchanges, buying and selling of real property. We also assist in the assessment of proper financing for real estate purchases.

Nonprofit Formation Development


Our firm assist in the formation of nonprofit organizations at both the state and federal level, state and federal filing requirements, maintenance of nonprofit status, compensation planning for officers and directors.

Business Health Care Planning


In recent years our firm has been asked to assist clients in planning issues associated with healthcare and recent compliance issues imposed on all employers associated with the providing of healthcare to employees. Our firm examines compliance matters and assist clients in the planning regarding compliance to reduce the cost of regulation.

Contractual Formation Regarding Business Sales & Acquisitions


We assist our clients in passing the business either to the next generation or to outside parties through contract formulation, analysis and review. In addition, we assist businesses in succession planning by drafting in reviewing by some agreements between shareholders, partners, members and, owners of businesses and consult on key man insurance.

Transactional Law Analysis


Our firm assist in examining various types of legal transactions that may have an economic and financial impact on a business from regulatory aspects associated with lending and repayment of debt to equity infusion issues.

Internal Revenue Service Controvery & Disputes


Our firm is often asked to assist clients with respect to matters involving The internal Revenue Service. Our work in this area is associated with consultation on the filing of back tax returns, removal of federal tax liens, offering compromises, installment agreements and IRS appeals and Tax Court appearances.

Below is a list of services that our firm provides and can assist you with.


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